Fuggles & Warlock: Gypsy Brewers Find a Home

Fuggles & Warlock

The story of Dan Colyer (Fuggles) and Tony Iaci (Warlock) began five years ago just like many home brewers – Tony, a bar manager, was home brewing in his grandmother’s garage and Dan’s first beer was a Mr. Beer kit he purchased at Home Outfitters. Dan’s a graphic designer and internet marketer who started brewing because he wanted cheap beer. Tony only drank Kokanee and Corona five years ago. My, how things have changed.

So where’d they get their names? Dan actually hates Fuggle hops and used it as more of a curse as in “oh fuggles”. That was misinterpreted by some as a love for the hops and the name stuck. When you ask Tony why he’s the Warlock – well because he’s magical, of course. Duly noted.

Fast forward to 2012, Dan is sitting at Tony’s bar and they’re discussing their home brewing. One thing leads to another and they decided to make Super 8-Bit IPA. The first rendition of Super 8-Bit was really good but as Dan and Tony were busy drinking beer whilst brewing, they couldn’t remember the recipe (hint to home brewers: take notes). They spent the next three months trying to re-create the beer and finally succeeded.

Time for the gypsy to enter this story. In the fall of 2012 they had the unique opportunity to brew their Super 8-Bit IPA at Alameda Brewing in Portland, OR. The commercial version (likely version 95.2 of this beer) made its way to BC in December 2012 and was a hit with the local beer crowd. Their next foray with a brewery was in March 2014 when they teamed up with Big River Brewing in Richmond, BC to make River City Handsome Belgian IPA. Casks were distributed to local bars and restaurants and again, their beer was very well received. This was followed up with brewing Exterminate Dry Hopped Red Rye Saison and Shiva Session White IPA at Big River.
The brewing partnership with Big River has turned out so well that Big River is now the official home of Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks Ltd. Dan and Tony will be working with Big River Brewmaster, Mike Stewart, to produce a core lineup of five beers and limited releases.
Craft beer industry veteran, Tom Orange, arranged for the initial collaborations with Big River and orchestrated the current brewing agreement. Tom will oversee the distribution of Fuggles & Warlock beer throughout BC including 650ml bottles, which will be available in the fall.
Big River is investing in new equipment including three 15-barrel fermenters, two growler stations, 3-4 cask engines, a bottling line and a barrel program. White and red wine barrels from the Okanagan are making their way south to be filled with beautiful brett and sour beers.
Tony and Dan’s self-proclaimed mutual love of nerd culture including comics, video games and sci-fi movies are integrated into the graphics and names of most of their beers. The majority of the references I have to google but I’m slowing increasing my nerd lingo. Mind you, if you get run over by a rickshaw at GCBF, you get a beer named in your honour – English Speed Bump. I don’t recommend going this route, though.
Fuggles & Warlock beers are already on tap at many of the local bars, pubs and restaurants and, of course, at Big River. Growler fills are available at Big River and soon there will be rotating casks. The lineup is constantly changing and evolving as Tony and Dan stay true to their motto of “keeping beer weird” and if you ask nicely, they may even pour you a sample from the tank. Congratulations to Dan and Tony for making the leap to professional brewing in BC.


**October 2014 Update**

Fuggles & Warlock are no longer brewing at Big River. They’re currently back to gypsy brewing status but plan on having a permanent home in 2015.

**December 2015 Update**

Brewing commenced at their new home located at 103 – 11220 Horseshoe Way, Richmond and the tasting room is currently being constructed and should open in the spring of 2016.

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