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Fuggles & Warlock: Gypsy Brewers Find a Home

Fuggles & Warlock

The story of Dan Colyer (Fuggles) and Tony Iaci (Warlock) began five years ago just like many home brewers – Tony, a bar manager, was home brewing in his grandmother’s garage and Dan’s first beer was a Mr. Beer kit he purchased at Home Outfitters. Dan’s a graphic designer and internet marketer who started brewing […]

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Trademarks: The Gloves are Off in the Craft Beer World

Beer trademark

Riddle me this – you have legal documents, promises and potential name changes. Is this a wedding? Nope, it’s a brewery being hit with a cease and desist letter for allegedly infringing on someone’s trademark. The craft beer industry is generally a friendly one but when it comes to this, breweries are protective of their […]

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